Pride In the Park Fairy Wonderland


Pride In the Park Fairy Wonderland

Duties: Concept, Typography, Illustration, Branding, and Creative Design

South Texas Equality Project (STEP)

STEP logo
South Texas Equality Project (STEP) Logo Design

Duties: Logo Design, Typography, Illustration, Branding, and Creative Design

Great Gatsby Alternative Prom

Great Gatsby Alternative Poster and tickets

The South Texas Equality Project (STEP), along with supporting businesses and organizations, hosted the Great Gatsby Alternative Prom for LGBT youth and young adults in McAllen, TX.

Duties: Concept, Typography, Illustrations, and Creative Design






Pride In The Park Carnival

pride in the park carnival

South Texas Equality Project (STEP) presented “Pride In The Park:Carnival,” a celebration of freedom and equality for South Texas’ LGBT community and their allies

South Texas Equality Project (STEP) is a partnership of LGBT organizations & individuals focused on advocacy and visibility of the LGBT community.

Duties: Concept, Typography, Illustrations, Branding, and Creative Design


Website design and development for REMHDCO, the Racial & Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition.

Since late 2007, REMHDCO has been a California-statewide coalition of individuals from non-profit state wide and local organizations whose mission is to work to reduce mental health disparities through advocacy for racial and ethnic communities. REMHDCO represents underserved, unserved, and inappropriately served racial and ethnic communities including: Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American, and African American.  REMDHCO also represents other underserved groups such as: non-English and limited English speaking individuals, immigrants and refugees, and the Muslim community.

Duties: Website Design and Development, Structure, Image Sourcing

“We’re Your Partner…”


Harlem United’s “We’re Your Partner” Access to Care campaign

Duties: Concept, Typography, Image Sourcing, Copyrighting, and Creative Design

Viva La Vida 5K Run/1K Walk


Viva La Vida 5K Run/1K Walk

Duties: ConceptLogo Design, Branding, Typography, Illustrations and Sourcing, and Creative Design

Valley AIDS Council (VAC)

VAC-logoLogo development and re-branding of Valley AIDS Council to VAC.

Duties: Logo Design, Typography, Illustration, and Creative Design

Round Up For Hunger

RoundUpForHunger-Brochure1 RoundUpForHunger-Brochure2

Round Up For Hunger Brochure

Duties: Concept, Typography, Image Sourcing, and Creative Design

Hepatitis C Awareness/Prevention

Hepatitis C Awareness/Prevention Education
campaign design for Harlem United Community AIDS Center. Campaign promotes awareness and encourages individuals to access Hepatitis C testing and treatment services.

Duties: Concept, Typography, Copyrighting, Image Sourcing, and Creative Design

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