Pride In the Park Fairy Wonderland


Pride In the Park Fairy Wonderland

Duties: Concept, Typography, Illustration, Branding, and Creative Design

Round Up For Hunger

RoundUpForHunger-Brochure1 RoundUpForHunger-Brochure2

Round Up For Hunger Brochure

Duties: Concept, Typography, Image Sourcing, and Creative Design

I Love My Boo


AWARDS: 2011 GLAAD AMPLIFIER AWARD: Outstanding Social Marketing Campaign

Featured: New York Times Magazine [Approval Matrix] (11/07/2010), POZ Magazine (12/2010)

Duties: Concept, Typography, Art Direction, Copyrighting, and Creative Design

I Love My Boo (ILMB) is a multifaceted social marketing campaign that thoughtfully increases the visibility of Black and Latino gay men. By contextualizing gay relationships, this campaign educates the community at-large, and promotes acceptance and understanding in a climate where gay men of color are seldom represented favorably in the media. GMHC’s ILMB also speaks to, and boldly celebrates, gay men of color by highlighting their strengths and resiliencies.

Rather than sexualizing gay relationships, with chiseled bodies and glossy imagery, the beauty of this campaign is that it features intimacy and focuses on what is possible for gay men of color as they boldly and unapologetically express trust, respect and commitment for one another.

ILMB solidifies GMHC’s expertise and ongoing commitment in addressing homophobia and reducing the spread of HIV with its precise focus on populations most susceptible to the disease. Featured throughout New York City, ILMB directly challenges homophobia and encourages all who come across it to critically re-think notions of love.

Fashion Revolution

GMHC's "Fashion Revolution" poster for the House of Latex Ball - Wonder Interactive Media
GMHC’s Fashion Revolution celebrates the 20th Annual House of Latex Ball.

Duties: ConceptLogo Design, Branding, Typography, Illustrations and Sourcing, and Creative Design

My Meth Life

GMHC's MyMethLifeMyMethLife-cards is a unique web based social marketing web initiative geared towards raising the visibility about crystal meth, its relationship to the spread of HIV/AIDS and how it affects the LGBT community. The website’s aim is to:

  • Magnify the visibility of HIV/ STD prevention for gay and bisexual men by moving the messages to where they live and work;
  • Drive prevention discourse through innovative programs that speak to the actual experiences of gay and bisexual men;
  • Shape social and cultural norms through community and environmental-level interventions, including confronting all forms of social discrimination; and
  • Challenge the silences that exist about sex and sexuality, especially in relation to heightened risk of HIV infection for gay and bisexual men, in current HIV prevention programs.

Duties: Concept, Typography, Copyrighting, Image Sourcing, Branding, and Creative Design

Undermining Public Health and Human Rights

GMHC's Undermining Public Health and Human Rights - Wonder Interactive Media
Undermining Public Health and Human Rights: The United States HIV Travel and Immigration Ban is a policy publication that reviews the U.S. HIV travel and immigration ban and examines how the ban became an obstacle to HIV prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Duties: Concept, Typography, Image Sourcing, and Creative Design